February 4th 2022: Clipping feature | Compatibility with VAST | Live stream iOS app sample

  • We have released a new clipping feature.
    You can now create video clips from video files, videos stored on your account, or video URLs.
    How does it work?
    Select the video you would like to clip: in the source param 1, mention either the URL to the video or the videoId if this video is already hosted on your api.video account.
    Create a video clip from a new or an existing source by specifying the start and the end times of your clip.
    A new separate video is created, with the clip you requested!
    Read our technical specs

  • Due to popular demand, we have re-installed the ability to set a video's public parameter (true or false) from dashboard.api.video

  • Our proprietary videojs-analytics plugin is now compatible with the VAST specification, that is used for ads in videos. See on Github: apivideo/api.video-videojs-analytics v1.0.11

  • We have released a new sample live stream iOS app (apivideo/api.video-ios-live-stream on Github)