July 12, 2021 Live Streaming Webhooks

Today we are happy to announce our Live Webhooks.

There are 3 new webhooks that can be subscribed to: when a live stream starts, it’s broadcasting status changes from false to true, and this webhook will fire.

live-stream.broadcast.ended: when a live stream stops encoding, it’s broadcasting status changes from true to false, and this webhook will fire.
video.source.recorded: When a livestream ends, and it is set to be recorded, this webhook will fire when the recording is ready for playback. This webhook is very similar to video.encoding.quality.completed, but will only fire for recorded live streams.
Additionally, if you already use video.encoding.quality.completed, the livestreamId will be added to any recording encoded alert.

You can see the broadcast started and ended events at 7. Whenever a livestream starts or ends (You can do this at 3 or 1), the event will appear in this listing.

Try out our new live webhooks, and tell us what you think!