September 13, 2021 Video player updates

A new version of the player went live today with a number of new features/fixes:

Fix player controls when the size is very small
Use a fork of video.js instead of a modified built bundle
Add keyboard shortcuts for player controls
Adjust video quality if playing at high speed
Force video thumbnails to fit
Remove “three dot” menu when there isn’t any option present
What are the keyboard shortcuts, you ask?

Space bar toggles play/pause.
Right and Left Arrow keys seek the video forwards and back.
Up and Down Arrow keys increase and decrease the volume.
M key toggles mute/unmute.
F key toggles fullscreen off and on. (Does not work in Internet Explorer)
Double-clicking with the mouse toggles fullscreen off and on.
Number keys from 0-9 skip to a percentage of the video. 0 is 0% and 9 is 90%.