What is api.video?

api.video is a cloud-based video hosting and live streaming platform that provides developers and businesses with an easy-to-use API to handle all video-related tasks. The platform offers a range of features to help developers and businesses manage video content, including video hosting, transcoding, player customization, live streaming, and analytics.


api.video's hosting service enables users to upload and store video files, which can then be easily embedded and shared across various devices and platforms. The platform automatically transcodes videos into multiple formats, resolutions, and bitrates, ensuring that the video content can be played on any device with any internet connection.

api.video's transcoding and delivery is one of the fastest in the market.


api.video lets you customize a large part of the delivery, whether it's the branding of the player, or adding captions, chapters, and watermarks. You have full control over how you deliver the content to your users. The flexibility doesn't end with player customization, you can build your own player in order to deliver the content in the best form you see fit.


api.video's live streaming service allows users to stream live video content to any device in real time. Users can create custom video players with api.video's player customization feature, which allows them to change the appearance and functionality of the player to suit their needs.

api.video is an excellent video hosting and streaming solution for businesses and developers looking to manage and distribute video content effectively.