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Project description's Python API client streamlines the coding process. Chunking files is handled for you, as is pagination and refreshing your tokens.

Getting started


Python >= 3.6


pip install

Code samples

Automatic authentication

list all videos:

import apivideo
from apivideo.apis import VideosApi

api_key = "__API_KEY__"

with apivideo.AuthenticatedApiClient(api_key) as client:
    # if you rather like to use the sandbox environment:
    # with apivideo.AuthenticatedApiClient(api_key, production=False) as client:

    videos_api = VideosApi(client)
    videos = videos_api.list()

In this context the client will keep its authentication updated.

Manual authentication

If there is an issue, like you think a refresh token may have been exposed, you can manually retrieve a new one. Otherwise, authentication is handled for you.
When you retrieve a new refresh token, the old one becomes invalid. Here is the code, where you retrieve a list of videos and then refresh your token:

import apivideo
from apivideo.apis import VideosApi
from apivideo.exceptions import ApiAuthException

api_key = "__API_KEY__"

client = apivideo.AuthenticatedApiClient(api_key)
# if you rather like to use the sandbox environment:
# client = apivideo.AuthenticatedApiClient(api_key, production=False)
videos_api = VideosApi(client)
videos = videos_api.list()

except ApiAuthException:
    print("cannot refresh token !")



API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to


MethodHTTP requestDescription
deleteDELETE /videos/{videoId}/captions/{language}Delete a caption
listGET /videos/{videoId}/captionsList video captions
getGET /videos/{videoId}/captions/{language}Show a caption
updatePATCH /videos/{videoId}/captions/{language}Update caption
uploadPOST /videos/{videoId}/captions/{language}Upload a caption


MethodHTTP requestDescription
deleteDELETE /videos/{videoId}/chapters/{language}Delete a chapter
listGET /videos/{videoId}/chaptersList video chapters
getGET /videos/{videoId}/chapters/{language}Show a chapter
uploadPOST /videos/{videoId}/chapters/{language}Upload a chapter


MethodHTTP requestDescription
deleteDELETE /live-streams/{liveStreamId}Delete a live stream
delete_thumbnailDELETE /live-streams/{liveStreamId}/thumbnailDelete a thumbnail
listGET /live-streamsList all live streams
getGET /live-streams/{liveStreamId}Show live stream
updatePATCH /live-streams/{liveStreamId}Update a live stream
createPOST /live-streamsCreate live stream
upload_thumbnailPOST /live-streams/{liveStreamId}/thumbnailUpload a thumbnail


MethodHTTP requestDescription
deleteDELETE /players/{playerId}Delete a player
delete_logoDELETE /players/{playerId}/logoDelete logo
listGET /playersList all player themes
getGET /players/{playerId}Show a player
updatePATCH /players/{playerId}Update a player
createPOST /playersCreate a player
upload_logoPOST /players/{playerId}/logoUpload a logo


MethodHTTP requestDescription
list_live_stream_sessionsGET /analytics/live-streams/{liveStreamId}List live stream player sessions
list_session_eventsGET /analytics/sessions/{sessionId}/eventsList player session events
list_video_sessionsGET /analytics/videos/{videoId}List video player sessions


MethodHTTP requestDescription
delete_tokenDELETE /upload-tokens/{uploadToken}Delete an upload token
listGET /upload-tokensList all active upload tokens.
get_tokenGET /upload-tokens/{uploadToken}Show upload token
create_tokenPOST /upload-tokensGenerate an upload token


MethodHTTP requestDescription
deleteDELETE /videos/{videoId}Delete a video
getGET /videos/{videoId}Show a video
get_statusGET /videos/{videoId}/statusShow video status
listGET /videosList all videos
updatePATCH /videos/{videoId}Update a video
pick_thumbnailPATCH /videos/{videoId}/thumbnailPick a thumbnail
upload_with_upload_tokenPOST /uploadUpload with an upload token
createPOST /videosCreate a video
uploadPOST /videos/{videoId}/sourceUpload a video
upload_thumbnailPOST /videos/{videoId}/thumbnailUpload a thumbnail


MethodHTTP requestDescription
deleteDELETE /webhooks/{webhookId}Delete a Webhook
getGET /webhooks/{webhookId}Show Webhook details
listGET /webhooksList all webhooks
createPOST /webhooksCreate Webhook


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Since this API client is generated from an OpenAPI description, we cannot accept pull requests made directly to the repository. If you want to contribute, you can open a pull request on the repository of our client generator. Otherwise, you can also simply open an issue detailing your need on this repository.

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