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Project description's iOS uploader uploads videos to using delegated upload token or API Key.

It allows you to upload videos in two ways:

  • standard upload: to send a whole video file in one go
  • progressive upload: to send a video file by chunks, without needing to know the final size of the video file

Getting started



Specify it in your Cartfile:

github "apivideo/" ~> 0.1.2

Run carthage update


Add pod 'ApiVideoUploader', '0.1.2' in your Podfile

Run pod install

Code sample

Please follow the installation instruction and execute the following Swift code:

import ApiVideoUploader

    // If you rather like to use the sandbox environment:
    // ApiVideoUploader.basePath = Environment.sandbox.rawValue
    // If you rather like to upload with your "YOUR_API_TOKEN" (upload)
    // ApiVideoUploader.apiKey = "YOUR_API_TOKEN"

    VideosAPI.uploadWithUploadToken(token: "MY_VIDEO_TOKEN", file: url) { video, error in
        if let video = video {
            // Manage upload with upload token success here
        if let error = error {
            // Manage upload with upload token error here


API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to


Retrieve an instance of VideosAPI:



MethodHTTP requestDescription
uploadWithUploadTokenPOST /uploadUpload with an upload token
uploadPOST /videos/{videoId}/sourceUpload a video


Documentation for Authorization

API token

Most endpoints required to be authenticated using the API token mechanism described in our documentation.
The access token generation mechanism is automatically handled by the client. All you have to do is provide an API token:

ApiVideoUploader.apiKey = YOUR_API_TOKEN

Public endpoints

Some endpoints don't require authentication. These one can be called without setting ApiVideoUploader.apiKey:

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Since this API client is generated from an OpenAPI description, we cannot accept pull requests made directly to the repository. If you want to contribute, you can open a pull request on the repository of our client generator. Otherwise, you can also simply open an issue detailing your need on this repository.

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