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Project description

This module is an easy way to upload video with delegated token to

Getting started


npm install


yarn add

Code sample

Regular upload

import ApiVideoUploader from '';

ApiVideoUploader.uploadWithUploadToken('YOUR_UPLOAD_TOKEN', 'path/to/my-video.mp4')
  .then((value: Video) => {
   // Manages success here
  .catch((e: any) => {
    // Manages error here

Progressive upload

For more details about progressive uploads, see the progressive upload documentation.

import ApiVideoUploader from '';

(async () => {
  const uploadSession = ApiVideoUploader.createProgressiveUploadSession({token: 'YOUR_UPLOAD_TOKEN'});
  try {
    await session.uploadPart("path/to/video.mp4.part1");
    await session.uploadPart("path/to/video.mp4.part2");
    // ...
    const video = await session.uploadLastPart("path/to/video.mp4.partn");
    // ...
  } catch(e: any) {
    // Manages error here



Permissions android.permission.READ_MEDIA_VIDEO (for API 33+) or android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (for API < 33) are in the library manifest and will be requested by this library at runtime. You don't have to request them in your application.

On Android 33+, the upload comes with a notification to show the progress. So if your application targets Android 33+, you might request android.permission.POST_NOTIFICATIONS permission at runtime.

When targeting Android API Level 34+, you must declare the service type in your application's manifest file. In your AndroidManifest.xml file, add the following lines in the <application> tag:

      android:foregroundServiceType="dataSync" />


To customize the notification to your own brand, you can change the icon, color or channel name by overwriting the following resources in your own application resources:

  • the icon: R.drawable.ic_upload_notification

  • the color: R.color.upload_notification_color

  • the channel name: R.string.upload_notification_channel_name


An example that demonstrates how to use the API is provided in folder example/.

To run the example:

  • for Android: yarn && yarn example android
  • for iOS: yarn && yarn example ios

Dependencies is using external libraries.



If you have any questions, ask our community or use Issues.

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