Bubble.io plugin

The api.video plugin for Bubble.io aims to facilitate the use of api.video services in your Bubble applications.

The plugin is composed of:

  • a visual element called "player" allowing you to easily integrate the api.video player in your applications
  • a visual element called "uploader" allowing you to integrate a form input field of type "file" which will automatically upload the video selected by the user to api.video
  • several predefined API calls that will allow you to perform actions such as: retrieve the list of your videos, generate a token to upload a video, or delete a video (all without worrying about technical details like authentication)

To benefit from all this, the first step is to install the plugin in your application.

Plugin installation

Prerequisite: we assume that you have already created an account on Bubble.io and that you have created an application.

To install the api.video plugin, when you are on the editing interface of your application, you must go to the "Plugins" tab and click on "Add plugins", as described on the following screenshot.

After that, in the window that has just appeared, search for the term "api.video". You should have only one result. Click on the "Install" button.

Now you are ready to use the plugin!

What’s Next

Now that you've installed the plugin, see how you can embed api.video video players in your application

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