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Contentful empowers creative teams to visually craft captivating content experiences - without writing a single line of code, and now you can easily add and deliver videos from your Contentful page with few simple steps using

Getting started with Contentful

Check out this short video to get started with your integration using Contentful:

If you need more help with getting started with Contentful, you can follow the Contentful getting started guide. Contentful plugin features

  • Upload videos–up to 4k–directly in the Contentful UI; they’ll be quickly encoded and ready for streaming in seconds.
  • Search and select previously uploaded videos from your library.
  • Update video titles, descriptions, caption & chapter files, and even tags and metadata in the Contentful UI.
  • Embed videos with our responsive & fully customizable HTML5 player.

Installing the plugin

Log into your Contentful account and add the app by clicking Apps -> Marketplace

Entering the Contentful Marketplace

Select the Featured tab and search for the plugin in the search bar

Searching for the plugin on the Contentful Marketplace

Once you've found the plugin, click on the icon. You will get a new page where you can install the plugin. Click on Install and authorize the access for

Authorizing access to

Enter your API key an click Install

Entering your API key

Congratulations! you have installed the plugin successfully!


After a successful installation, you cannow add videos to your content. All you have to do is create a JSON object with the video appearance type.

Adding to the Content Model

  1. Create or edit an existing Content Model
  2. Add a new field with a JSON object type Selecting the JSON object
  3. Give the new JSON object a name and api key Naming the JSON field
  4. Click on Add and Configure
  5. On the configuration page, scroll down to Appearance and select and save the settings Selecting the field appearance
  6. Now that you have a video JSON object, you can create or edit an entry in the Content and add a video.

Adding videos to your content

  1. In the Content menu, click on add an entry or edit an previous entry (to which you've added the JSON object)
  2. Select the Content type that you want to use (the one you've added the JSON object to)
  3. Now you will see that you can either upload a video or select from existing videos that you've uploaded to Adding an entry with video content
  4. Once you've selected the video you want to add, you will see the video appearing in the content editor Showing the video preview for the selected video

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