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Zapier is a no-code solution that allows fast integration with thousands of applications. Each automation created at Zapier is called a "Zap" and has a trigger (to kick off the automation) and an action (the thing that is done after the trigger).

Watch this short video to get started with integration using Zapier:

A trigger might be "When a new encoding has been created at" and the action would be to "share the playback link on Twitter." So now, whenever a new encoding is created, the zap will fire and automatically tweet the link to your followers.

The integration features both triggers and actions. Check out the linked pages for more details about each action and trigger.


A Zapier Trigger is an event that kicks off an automation process. There are 5 Triggers in the integration: Choosing a trigger event

Non instant:



  • Create Video: Will create a video at when triggered.

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