Welcome to api.video! We offer fast and flexible video APIs for integrating, scaling, and managing video on-demand streaming features in your app.


Sign-up for your api.video account

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Test the API in Sandbox

Use https://sandbox.api.video as your testing URI, and use the sandbox API key from the dashboard.

⚠️ The sandbox is free and offers unlimited usage.
However, it is designed for your testing only, as all videos are watermarked and deleted after 24 hours. Also, each of your videos uploaded in your sandbox environment will be capped at a 30 seconds maximum length.


Run in production

Use https://ws.api.video as the endpoint for production, and use your production key from the dashboard.

For detailed instructions on using the API, you can browse the tutorials.


❓️ Need help ?
[email protected] - you can contact us for help using this email if you want. And you can always click the intercom chat balloon to send us a note.

Create a Production account

Enter your billing details in the Billing information section. If you already have an existing payment method, you can add a new credit card by clicking Payment card and adding your information there.