Create Webhook

Webhooks can push notifications to your server, rather than polling for changes. We currently offer four events:

  • video.encoding.quality.completed When a new video is uploaded into your account, it will be encoded into several different HLS sizes/bitrates. When each version is encoded, your webhook will get a notification. It will look like { \"type\": \"video.encoding.quality.completed\", \"emittedAt\": \"2021-01-29T16:46:25.217+01:00\", \"videoId\": \"viXXXXXXXX\", \"encoding\": \"hls\", \"quality\": \"720p\"} . This request says that the 720p HLS encoding was completed.
  • live-stream.broadcast.started When a livestream begins broadcasting, the broadcasting parameter changes from false to true, and this webhook fires.
  • live-stream.broadcast.ended This event fores when the livestream has finished broadcasting, and the broadcasting parameter flips from false to true.
  • video.source.recorded This event is similar to video.encoding.quality.completed, but tells you if a livestream has been recorded as a VOD.
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