Upload a video

To upload a video to the videoId you created. Replace {videoId} with the id you'd like to use, {access_token} with your token, and /path/to/video.mp4 with the path to the video you'd like to upload. You can only upload your video to the videoId once.
We offer 2 types of upload:

  • Regular upload
  • Progressive upload
    The latter allows you to split a video source into X chunks and send those chunks independently (concurrently or sequentially). The 2 main goals for our users are to
    • allow the upload of video sources > 200 MiB (200 MiB = the max. allowed file size for regular upload)
    • allow to send a video source "progressively", i.e., before before knowing the total size of the video.
      Once all chunks have been sent, they are reaggregated to one source file. The video source is considered as "completely sent" when the "last" chunk is sent (i.e., the chunk that "completes" the upload).
curl https://ws.api.video/videos/{videoId}/source \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer {access_token}' \
  -F [email protected]/path/to/video.mp4

Tutorials using video upload.