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Loom clone

Loom is a really powerful tool that allows users to make a recording directly from their web browser or mobile phone while screen sharing and recording their narration. Are you interested in integrating such a tool into your project? we've got you covered!

The Mediastream Composer library will give you all of these abilities with the flexibility to customize the solution to your liking, or even modify it entirely.


  • Screen casting to the stream
  • Automatic adjustment of the size of the composition
  • Webcam stream is added infront of the screencast stream
  • Drawing on screen
  • Resizing the webcam stream
  • And more...


Before cloning the Github repo, you can try out the demo of the Loom clone. Head over to the following page to test it out.

Github repo

Now that's you've got the look and feel, you can clone the repo and start hacking.

You will find the repo here

To clone the repo, just go into your command line and run the following command:

$ git clone


You can find the usage instructions in the Loom clone Github repository

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