Adding captions

Add captions to your videos through a single API call, and avoid having to manually embed captions for your videos.

How to upload captions

The captions are uploaded per language. You can upload different captions for each language. You only need to include these attributes in your POST request to the Captions endpoint:

Field Type
videoId String The unique identifier for the video you want to add a caption to.
language String A valid BCP 47 language representation.
file File The video text track in VTT format only.

Supported caption file formats

Currently only VTT file format is supported.

WebVTT file formatting

Incorrect VTT file formatting

The API does not return an error for incorrectly formatted VTT files. The response from the API will be 200, however, the captions will not be displayed.

The VTT file has an extension .vtt and the format is as in the example below:


00:01.000 --> 00:04.000
- Adding captions is easy.

00:05.000 --> 00:09.000
- You only need a single API request.
- And a properly formatted VTT file.

For more information on VTT formatting:

You can check the formatting of the VTT with a free online tool here:

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