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Udemy mockup

E-learning breaks the boundaries of the classic and conventional learning in a class room, your users will be able to choose when and where they want to learn, at their own pace. provides you with a mockup of the most popular e-learning platform, in order for you to get started quickly and streamline your development process.


  • Mockup UI similar to Udemy
  • Search bar for videos
  • Browse the videos on your account


Before cloning the Github repo, you can try out the demo of the Udemy mockup. Head over to the following page to test it out.

Github repo

Now that's you've got the look and feel, you can clone the repo and start hacking.

You will find the repo here

To clone the repo, just go into your command line and run the following command:

$ git clone


You can find the usage instructions in the Udemy mockup Github repository

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